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    Error starting online presentation
    Cannot connect to this service. Check your network connection and try again."

    On March 31, we starting experiencing this issue across our entire domain. We have not made any changes to our network configuration. We are using the same ISP, routing hardware, computer hardware, software versions and group policy settings as we were on March 30.

    The issue appears to be related to network connectivity. 

    Here is what I have found so far:

    We have three networks in our building and two ISPs.

    Network-A uses ISP-A and is affected by the issue. Network-A is our corporate domain.
    Network-B uses ISP-B and is affected by the issue.
    Network-C uses ISP-B and is not affected by the issue.

    If I take a Network-A domain member and launch PowerPoint while connected to Network-A and ISP-A I am unable to upload PowerPoint presentations. 
    If I connect the same computer to Network-C, the issue persists.
    If I close PowerPoint, connect to Network-C, and reopen PowerPoint while connected to Network-C, I am able to upload presentations.

    A non-domain computer is affected by the issue if PowerPoint is opened while connected to Network-A or Network-B, but unaffected if PowerPoint is launched while connected to Network-C. Again, in this scenario, switching connections while PowerPoint is open has no effect.

    The issue appears to be caused during PowerPoint start-up and not while attempting to share a document.

    Microsoft is either unwilling or unable to find a resolution and has finally resorted to simply ignoring my calls, voicemails, emails, and ticket requests regarding this issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is a brief description of our configuration and what I have tried so far.

    Windows Installer Version    5.0.7601.18493
    OS Details                   Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise , SP 1, Version: 6.1.7601, Codepage: 1252, Country Code: 1, Language: 1033, System Type: x64-based PC
    Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus - en-us 
    ProductVersion 15.0.4701.1002
    License Family: OfficeO365ProPlusR_Subscription1
    License Status: 1 - LICENSED
    Intel Core i3
    4GB DDR
    ISP-A => 100mb fiber
    ISP-B => 30/50mbps down / 3/5mbps up cable

    Clearing the internet cache
    Clearing the OneDrive cache
    Adding all related URLs to trusted sites
    Selecting lowest security settings for trusted sites
    Changing permissions on the .ppt file to allow full permissions to everyone
    Creating a blank PowerPoint presentation
    Changing the location of the .ppt file to the local drive's user folder
    Upgrading Office
    Repairing Office
    Downgrading Office
    Installing Skype (Microsoft recommendation)
    Leaving the domain
    Rebooting the routers and switches on Network-A
    Rebooting the router on Network-B
    Upgrading the firmware for the router on Network-B
    Disabling the firewall on Network-B
    Enabling the firewall on Network-C(in an attempt to induce the problem)
    Thursday, April 16, 2015 4:12 PM