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  • Hi, Guys.

    Need your assistance on this.

    Do you know how to move OWA services on a CAS server to another Exchange 2007 server that has CAS, HUB, and mailbox roles? What needs to be checked?

    We need to move the OWA services prior decommissioning of this CAS server role only. 

    Further, do you have any checklist to identify Exchange services that need to be moved first prior decommissioning an Exchange 2007 server? Please advise.

    Thank you.

    Friday, June 24, 2016 11:20 AM


  • If Exchange has the CAS role on it, it will support OWA access.  You just need to be sure your new server has the same OWA virtual server settings as the current one (Get-OWAVirtualServer will return this, or you can check in the control panel), you need to have the DNS name that's being used to connect to OWA modified so it sends connections to the new server, and you need to be sure the new server has a certificate with the DNS name from above (it's simplest if you export the certificate from the old server, install it on the new server, then assign the ISS service to it).

    FYI, you can test OWA on the new server by opening https://newservername/owa - this should open your mailbox, regardless of what Exchange 2007 server in your organization the mailbox is hosted on.

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