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  • Hi all!

    I have one case.

    I need to give an access to the "FolderUser" user to certain folder on all servers in AD infrastructure. This user must read/edit files in this folder.
    So, i have the "C:\\Program Files\XXX" folder on all servers(more than 300). And "FolderUser" must have access to this folder from his PC.
    I add a file in "Computer Configuration-Windows Settings-Security Settings-File System", gave a permissio i need.
    After physical access into the server with "FolderUser", i also can edit files info "C:\\Program Files\XXX" folder. But i can`t access this folder from "FolderUser"`s PC. I see an error - "Windows cannot access...... blah blah blah"

    So i have 2-3 variation:
    1. Share this folder. - But i couldn't do it via GPO. We have more than 300 servers, manually is very problematic... 
    2. Access to folder using "\\ServerName\c$\ProgramFiles\XXX"(from "FolderUser"`s PC) - I see an error - "Windows cannot access...... blah blah blah"
    3. Access(from "FolderUser"`s PC) to "\\ServerName\c$\", enter "FolderUser"/password and then enter "Program Files\XXX". - I can do this, if "FolderUser" is in Domain Admins group, but I can`t do this if i have permission to "C" drive on current server(using "Computer Configuration-Windows Settings-Security Settings-File System") without using "Domain Admin" permissions.

    So, how can I solve my problem?
    Sorry for my english :/

    Thanks all!
    Saturday, August 29, 2020 3:17 PM

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