Setting up EdgeSync - The LDAP server is unavailable. RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I have created two new 2016 Edge Transport Servers - one for each AD site where Exchange is hosted. I am having an issue with setting up the Edge Subscription in Site B. After I import the subscription and run Start-EdgeSynchronization I am getting error 1024 "Failed to connect to the Edge Transport server ADAM instance with exception The LDAP server is unavailable."

    The event log goes on to describe the possible point of failure:

    1) Cannot Resolve Site B's Edge FQDN (this is resolvable)

    2) Cannot connect to port 50636 (telnetting to 50636 shows up as allowed in the Firewall, and 50636 is allowed in the windows Firewall on the Edge server -- however I cannot see any attempts from the Hub servers to communicate over port 50636 (or any port, period))

    3) Network connectivity issues (connection is solid)

    4) An Invalid Certificate (this is where I think the issue may be, and most search results come back to this being an issue if the same certificate is being used for Hub and Edge servers - but the Edge are using self signed and the Hub are using an Internally signed cert)

    5) Expired Subscription (this is a brand new sub)

    EdgeSync is working as expected in Site A's Edge Transport server and all the configs look the same to me... Is there anything I should be trying next to try and troubleshoot this?



    Monday, June 20, 2016 6:58 AM