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  • I'm starting this new thread to reduce clutter in the wishlist thread while I clarify the issue I'm having. Big Smile


    We have an elementary school that we support. It has 1 domain controller and 1 file server.Both are W2k3 servers with SP2. Desktop security is controlled through group policy. All workstations are Windows XP Professional SP2. There are 18 classrooms with 4 computers per classroom all configured with the Student as the last logged in user. There is one printer per classroom shared to each PC. The teacher uses any of the 4 classroom PC's to login and do grades and attendance electronically. The students login to run network educational applications.


    In this environment with Deepfreeze installed we could freeze the PC log off the administrator. Then login the Student and reboot to freeze. Allowing any of the staff with a normal user account to login at will while making it easy for the students to login.


    In this environment with WSCT installed it worked basically the same way as Deepfreeze.


    In this environement with Steady State installed it is not possible to do this without setting Student to autologin. This makes it more difficult for a teacher to login when they are already pressed for time.


    I would like to see a way to set Steady State to Discard changes. Then before I reboot to enable this I would like to login as another user so they are saved as the last logged in user.

    Tuesday, October 16, 2007 5:12 PM


  • Hi James,


    I have included some other methods for your reference:


    Method 1: Configure WDP manually


    1. Configure SteadyState WDP to “Retain all changes permanently”.

    2. Log on with public user account and restart from the user account.

    3. Log on with administrator and configure WDP to "Remove all changes at restart"



    Method 2: Simulate the function of “Save changes on next restart”


    You can refer to my reply in the following thread:


    WDP like DiskProtect.wsf from MSCT 1.1




    Wednesday, October 17, 2007 8:09 AM