Sharepoint 2010 SP2 update not made available to the sharepoint server


  • Hi,

    SP2 for SharePoint 2010 (KB2687453) is not being displayed in WSUS as available to install. The only way I've found it in WSUS is to search for it. The update is unapproved, and on the Details Status Report page it states that it failed to install on 0 computers, is needed by 0 computers, is installed/not applicable on 0 computers and has no status for 0 computers. What I'm not understanding is how all these values can be 0. I would have at least expected it to say not applicable for all the computers listed in WSUS. I have tried approving it to see what happens and it then says installed/not applicable on all the computers. After doing this I still cannot see it in the All Updates list and only see it by searching for it.

    There are 2 things I'm trying to understand:

    1. Why does the update not show up in All Updates and

    2. Why is it not being made available to the SharePoint server?

    Many thanks, Andy

    Friday, January 10, 2014 2:48 PM


  • Most interesting.

    The relevant question here is a scenario in which all values could be zero, and why approving the update caused it to then be displayed as Installed/NotApplicable.

    The only scenario in which I know this could happen is if the update was previously DECLINED, which would:

    • Result in ZERO values for all states
    • Fail to display the update in any view except when Approval="Declined"

    Then, the act of approving the update would make it NOT declined.. and clients would evaluate the update and report state for it.

    As for why the update is not being reported as Needed on your actual Sharepoint Server -- that's an entirely different question and analysis. The first step to be taken here is to define what conditions actually exist on the Sharepoint server that should make this update applicable. Also relevant to that, always, are what prerequisites exist for the service pack that are not yet met on the server. (Failure to meet prerequisites is the most common cause for updates to be reported as NotApplicable when its believed they shouldn't be.)

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    Friday, January 10, 2014 5:31 PM