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  • Hello to all in and on here. I have a question about program, obviously or else I would not be on here, (LOL), will this program do for me what Deep Freeze in that it will block changes to my hard drive without my consent? I have personal "Network" setup at my home of two PC's (I know not of any real size) & I was thinking of buying and installing Deep Freeze 6 and was talking to one of the tech guys at work & he suggested using Windows SteadyState & also informed me that one of the benefits of using WSS is that it is FREE, not much that is found is these days is free, LOL. So again after that little bit of information what do you think that this program would better the better choice between to two or are the two programs in totally separate categories?

    Monday, December 1, 2008 3:32 PM



    Hi davidnleeh4, I'd like to inform you that Windows SteadyState provides the function to block the changes to hard disk without Administrator permission. This function is called Windows Disk Protection. I'd also like to quote some information from the handbook regarding this function:


    Windows Disk Protection is designed to help protect system settings and data on the partition on which Windows is installed from being permanently changed.

    The activities performed by a user during a session cause many changes to the operating system partition. Program files are created, modified, and deleted. The operating system also updates system information as part of its normal functionality. On a shared computer, however, the goal is to create an environment of uniformity for all users. Each user who logs on should experience the same environment as all other users, and no user should be able to modify or corrupt the system. Windows Disk Protection clears all changes to the operating system partition at whatever specified interval you set.

    If you choose to turn on Windows Disk Protection, you can select the disk protection level that determines when and if Windows Disk Protection clears changes to the protected system drive.


    For detailed information, you can download and check the handbook via:




    Hope this helps!

    Wednesday, December 3, 2008 7:01 AM