Setting up a home web server


  • Long story short.
    I am setting up a home server for 2 reasons, my boss asked me to learn Windows Server 2012r2 and all of its inner wonders, and I am taking online classes. My current class is ASP.NET and my book and teacher recommend a server side to get the understandings of how it works. I have a spare PC and a Dreamspark account so I set up my own server. So I registered a domain name from, I set up IIS and put my final for my HTML/CSS class in the wwwroot directory. After a lot of searching I found that my ISP blocks port 80. Well I managed to get it to pop up with port 443 public and port 80 private in my router. But the problem is I have to manually type in order to view it, is there any way possible to make it so I do not have to type in port 443? Like I just want to be able to type and have it automatically go to the site.


    Matthew McQuarrie

    Tuesday, January 07, 2014 1:46 AM


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