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  • hi all

    Windows scheduler is running the same task twice in two different intervals, for example:- lets say the first instance got run around 12:00:01 and the second schedule at 12:10:01.

    Interval time was Repeat task every 10 mins

    Checked all my settings an configurations, didnt find any problem. even this problem is only for a specific Period say in the second half of every month. 

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  • Hi,

    Before going further, would you please provide more detailed information about the current issue? Do you mean the Scheduled Task could not run correctly when you configure the setting Repeat task every 10 minutes? If so, please first check if you have set the trigger correctly and if you have enabled this task. Then please also check the history of the task to see when the task was started and to check for errors. For details about how to troubleshoot the Task Scheduler issue, please refer to the following article.

    Troubleshooting Task Scheduler


    Hope this helps.

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