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    This would be a perfect solution for our school, however we use some educational software that gets updated almost everyting a students logs in. Is there a way to have steady state lock all of the drive except a certain folder?


    Is there perhaps a script that will allow anything to be modified to a folder between a certain time?


    SteadyState looks great and could save schools (like ours) a lot of money by not having to use Deepfreeze or Persystent.


    Thursday, January 24, 2008 4:41 PM


  • Hi Jmair,


    Thanks for posting here!


    Before we go any further, I would appreciate your help in clarifying the following questions:


    1. What update/changes are made to the educational software when a student logs in?

    2. Does the software need update every time student logs in? How about another moment?

    3. Have you tested this with SteadyState (with WDP enabled)? If so, what problem was encountered?


    As Windows Disk Protection (WDP) will cache all the changes to drive C, we cannot control in which folder changes will be saved. Thus, we cannot add some exception folders for WDP.


    Some suggestions for your reference:


    Suggestion 1: Enable Schedule Software Update, write a script to update the software (you may need to consult the software manufacturer). Then, changes will be saved during the update time.


    Suggestion 2: Install the software to another partition as SteadyState only monitors the system drive. Another option is move related folders to another partition (if possible).


    Suggestion 3: Manually configure WDP to save changes. Restore WDP to “Remove all changes at restart” after restart.


    Suggestion 4: WDP includes a feature called “Retain changes temporarily”, which will temporarily save the changes until the time you specified. Then, if will delete the cached changes and restore WDP to remove all changes. Please check if it meets your request.


    Hope these suggestions are helpful to your situation.


    Best Regards,

    Friday, January 25, 2008 6:26 AM