HYPER-V -Win7 64bit VHD WONT Install -Locks up computer during EXPANDING FIlES RRS feed

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  • OK, I have a Server 2008 R2 Machine with the following specs.

    160GB Intel SSD (100GB Free Space)

    8GB DDR3 RAM



    I am trying to create a Windows 7 Virtual Machine.  I have it set up with a 2048MB STATIC of memory and 100GB dynamic virtual disk. It is using 6GB of the 100GB. I have tried installing from both an ISO & the DVD. When I start the install I have the following Memory Specs.

    8192MB Installed

    6885MB Available

    489MB Cached

    1143MB In Use

    420MB Standby

    6471MB Free


    As Soon as I start the Virtual Machine to install windows My memory goes to the following:


    8192MB Installed

    4771MB Available

    652MB Cached

    3256MB In Use

    575MB Standby

    4196MB Free

    OK This is to be expected. So I start the setup to the 100GB partition. Everything is normal until it get to Expanding Windows files. As the % increases the Standby Memory Increases Steadily and the Free Decreases Steadily until Hyper V Freezes up. (Presumably from not enough RAM) When it finally does freeze up the Memory looks like this in Resource Monitor

    8192MB Installed

    6885MB Available

    489MB Cached

    1143MB In Use

    3306MB Standby

    1475MB Free


    Please can anyone help? I am totally at a loss here. I have no idea why as it is installing Windows 7 it is eating up my memory and sending it all to STAND BY.  I have another VHD that is WHS 2011 that I had no problems with at all. (It is off during this install as well)


    Sunday, August 28, 2011 4:45 AM

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