"My Task (external participant)" after I create a task in a declarative sharepoint state machine workflow RRS feed

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  • hi all

    i wish anyone could help me with this problem

    i have created a declerative sharepoint state machine workflow using c# code

    My Enviroment:

    1-i am using visual studio 2008
    2- i am using .net framework 3.5
    3-i am using sharepoint 2007

    my application:

    I have an asp page that contains a button and a text box.
    In the text box i enter the name of the workflow.
    when i press the button:
    1- i create the workflow xaml files. the files are workflow.xoml, workflow.xom.rules and workflow.xoml.config.xml
    2-create a folder with the same name entered in the text box on my asp page
    3-add the workflow xaml files to the folder
    3-add the folder to the built in document library that is hidden in sharepoint called Workflows

    my workflow consists of :

    1-five states
       a-the first state is the initial state of the workflow
       b-the second state, the third state and the fourth state are the states that i create a task in them and wait for the task to be changed then i complete the task
       c-the fifth state is the final state of the workflow

    2-in the second,third state and fourth state i have:
       a-state initialization activity
       b-event driven activity
       c-state finalization activity

    3-in the state initialization i have:
       a-create task with content type
    4-in the event driven i have :
      a-on task changed activity
      b-set state activity

    5-in the state finalization i have
       a-complete task activity

    i run the workflow on an item and every thing works fine


    i create a task for a user in the state initialization of every state and the task title is My Task.

    the problem is that after i create the task i go to the workflow tasks list and i see in the task title this sentence: My Task (external particpant)

    if create a workflow in sharepoint designer i dont see in the title of the task this : (external particpant)


    1-can anyone tell me why i am seeing this in the title of the task

    thank you very much

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