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  • I am new to the 64bit scene in my home and office, but I've used various Windows Operating Systems over the years. I skilled Vista for obvious reasons and only recently upgraded from XP when I put together my new PC. I use this PC for both personal and professional purposes so it is a big part of my life and I would like to understand it a little more.

    I currently have 16GB of 1333 DDR3 installed and Windows 7 boots to an idle of about 1.5GB "in use" which is significantly higher than I like. My slave machine has only 2GB of physical RAM and Windows 7 in it boots to about 300MB idle. I've matched the services in each OS and they are identical.

    Furthermore, when using resmon.exe I cna see that Windows 7 on my new system is gradually consuming more and more RAM and placing it on "Standby". My understanding of this is limited, but if I am correct, it should be holding RAM in standby for applications that are already open, and when those applications close (services are stopped) it should release that RAM from Standby. This is not happening. Opening and closing apps only inreases the Standby consumption.

    Example: I boot to idle at 1.5GB RAM "in use"  and about 200MB in Standby. I will launch IE9 and jump to about 1.6GB in use, and about 500MB in standby. When I close IE9, the "in use" returns to 1.5GB but the standby does not release. Nor is it on Standby because when I open another IE9 instance it adds ANOTHER 300MB to the Standby pool. This NEVER releases.... I've left the mchine Idle for hours... nothing.

    This is a huge inconvenience because once the sytem consumes all 16GB of my physical RAM by holding it in Standby... I cannot launch applications, and simple computing taks can take much longer. As part of the initial install had windows updates turned on... it took 7 hours to download and install the updates. NOT OKAY. I have an i7-3930k, 16GB RAM, Windows 7 Ultimate, A WD Caviar Black 7200RPM 1TB drive (sata 6.0) and a screamin' fast internet connection (30mbps down 3mpbs up). the update process should be done in MINUTES not HOURS!.

    Monday, March 19, 2012 5:42 PM

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  • Bump. Anything? Still no forward progress on my end
    Tuesday, March 20, 2012 1:33 PM