ssrs, dashboards and reusability


  • Hi.  We run 2012 enterprise and our warehouse has evolved to the point where we are talking about reports and dashboards.

    I will likely be prevented from using sharepoint to deliver dashboards.  I am still looking into why but so far it sounds like 1) the way it is hosted and 2) certain regulations in our industry are the root causes.  However, my understanding is that installing certain sharepoint libraries on our report server is not out of the question and is a possible alternative to achieving our goals.

    Our dashboards will require drill down and drill thru.   I'm assuming drill down is never an obstacle to any of my alternatives but drill thru is when it comes to using the reportviewer class and aspx pages as containers.  Maybe I'm wrong.

    My recollection is that there are two ways to use reportviewer from  One being additional rdlc solution/project files that are easily converted to rdl's if necessary and the other being a more direct path to ssrs itself and somehow instantiating the report viewer class that way.  But I'm told drill thru cannot be accomplished using these approaches, at least not without a whole lot of programming effort.

    I want control and reusability in the pieces I use to build dashboards. My experience with subreports is a bit negative when it comes to having control when the requirement calls for more than one sub report on the same page.  But the parallel nature of subreport rendering by ssrs is appealing.

    And even if multiple rs chart and tablix controls on the same report would look nice in preview, I have reservations about reuse and control (over appearance and behavior) there too.  

    I can copy a tablix for use in another report but I dont consider that true reusability from a maintenance standpoint. 

    What are my options?   I'll be looking at Telerik but was really hoping to stick with MS products.  I believe report parts are not an option because of the limitations I have.  I also wonder about reusing ssrs reports in general when in one rendering I might want the width and height limited to certain numbers of pixels while in another I might want a different number of pixels in both directions.

    Finally, I think about mobile rendering and even embedding dashboards in power point presentations.

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