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    I have deployed 2 GPOs which update the Trusted Sites list in IE (Site to Assignment List). They both have different site list to add. The first GPO applies to all Authenticated Users and the second one for only selected users as part of a Security Group in AD that I had created. I updated the security filtering for the second GPO by removing Authenticated Users and adding this new group.

    Now, even after doing a gpupdate and logging off/on from the machines, I am not seeing the second GPO being applied to the machines (part of linked OU) that it was deployed on. Does it have to do with the security group users being subset of Authenticated Users group? Doesn't both the GPOs apply if they both add sites to Trusted List with different site lists?

    Does it make sense? Is what i am doing correct? Please let me know.

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    Friday, July 10, 2015 8:59 PM


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