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  • Dear All,

    i have a domain which is hosted at host company providing me the next IP 19.623.255.2 with two emails,
    i've managed to have my Domain controller and exchange home up and running, i need to route the emails to my Home Exchange
    the steps i did are the next :

    i've created on my Domain controller A record for my domain
    i've created a MX record for my Exchange to the LAN IP of the exchange

    before i change the routing on the host provide to delieve the emails to my exchange lab, have i done the correct steps to delieve the emails to my home lab? have i missed something?

    Thank you so much

    Wednesday, August 21, 2013 11:30 PM


  • Hi:

    Assuming we are discussing SBS with Exchange on site, you do not configure anything locally to have internet email delivered to your Exchange server except the wizards in the SBS Console.

    MX records are maintained by your public DNS host, which may be the same as your domain registrar but don't have to be.  You setup an A record that points to your public (preferably static) IP address, and then an MX record that points to the A record.  Note that some public DNS hosts have changed their interface to allow/require that an IP be used in the setting for the MX record, but this is just for the users convenience). 

    Once the wizards have been run, the public MX records established at your DNS host, you need to contact your ISP and insure they have set an reverse lookup records, aka "pointer" record, for you domain name and IP.

    Lastly you will want an SPF record.  Then you can check all these settings with the likes of or and use the MS utility at:

    Larry Struckmeyer[SBS-MVP] If your question is answered, please mark the response as the answer so that others can benefit.

    Thursday, August 22, 2013 12:41 AM