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  • When writing technical papers, the figures need to be placed in specific places on the page, primarily to make the paper look nice.  In just about every paper I have written using Word, as I get to the finishing the paper with everything in place, the numbers are not sequential with their order in the paper, nor where they were inserted.  With considerable effort you can force the numbering to change using the '\r X' in the field.  After this, sometimes, when I try to cross reference the figure, Word crashes, restarts, and I loose my changes.  I ultimately have to number the figures and cross references by hand to keep Word 2010 from crashing.

    Also, after I apply the '\r X' to the figure, any cross reference already made to that figure is lost, and I have to go back through the paper and repair every reference.

    Suggestions: (outside of fixing the crashing issue)

    1. When I number figures in the paper, I ALWAYS!!!! want the figure numbers to increment from left to right / top to bottom in sequential order.  If I move a figure from page 7 to page 1, I want it to become Figure 1 not stay Figure 8 (for example).

    2. When I insert a caption for a Figure, I want them to be grouped together.  It is no use to me when I am working with the placement of the Figure on the page to have the caption be left behind when I am updating or changing the figure.  My process to do this now is to insert a caption below a Figure, then cut the Figure and place it in the text box created for the caption.  This way they stay together.  (It makes selection of the figure difficult some times as the caption can be lost off the page.

    3. Numbering is a pain in the a**.  I don't understand why after 20 years this cannot be easier that it is.  Perhaps adding a track similar to the comments track ('View Numbering Track X' command) that can go beside the text to show where the numbers are for each particular item (Equations, Pages, Figures, Custom, etc.).  For example, I want to see the equation numbering track... it comes up to the left of the text and shows where the numbers are in the text.  I can add a break in the numbering where I want to (again associated with the text, but where I can see it for the numbers I care about - Equations or Figures or pages or sections), I can reset the numbers (perhaps for a new section), I can set the format of the numbering and see it in the track for any particular number.  If I have to do that view the field codes for that particular set of numbers - that is ok for a start, but even that can be improved.

    I hope that helps with your development plan Word / Office.  A truly great piece of software!

    Wednesday, December 7, 2011 10:21 PM


  • If these are caption numbers in text boxes, note that the numbering sequence is determined by the relative location (in the document) of the text box anchors. So you'd have to move the anchors if numbering is out of sequence.

    Stefan Blom, Microsoft Word MVP
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