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    I am using Exchange 2010 with DAG. We have only one domain. I want to enable Archiving and journaling to all my databases.

    I have a plan to install 2 separate new mail box servers which will be host archiving databases and journaling.

    My questions are , 1.Can we create on these 2 mail box servers as a separate DAG or join it on existing DAG?

    2. We have Edge server works as an email gateway, after creation or joining DAG, Edge Subscription will do it again?

    Tuesday, August 4, 2015 8:16 AM


  • First, Microsoft's recommendations are to include the archive mailbox on the same spindles as the primary mailbox.  I'm not saying you can't have a separate database to host archive mailboxes - just passing along what Microsoft told me when I asked.

    That being said, the additional two servers you are adding can be in the same or a different DAG - it's your preference as to how you want to handle that piece.  As long as your DAG doesn't have too many servers, both of these can be installed with the rest of your servers, which would simplify your administration a bit.  If I was going to do what you say you are planning, I'd add them to the same DAG and have each handle copies that the other hosts the live databases for - so if one would host your active archive mailbox database and the other your journal database, the first would host a passive copy of the journal database, and the second a passive copy of the archive mailbox database.

    I'll add that your journal database is going to hold a lot more mail than your archives will - possibly more than the rest of your databases combined - so make sure you have this included in your planning.  And unless you are highly aggressive in your archiving, your archive database is going to be very small - our archive mailboxes are trivial compared to our primary mailboxes, except for a very small number of them.

    As for your edge server subscription, if you are adding these two new servers as hub servers (they don't have to be), and if you want them to deliver through the Edge Servers (they don't have to), then you will need to rebuild your edge subscription in order to include them.  Personally, I'd just add the Mailbox role to them and keep things simple.

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    Tuesday, August 4, 2015 5:14 PM