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  • I just got myself a SanDisk 64GB SDXC card, preformatted to exFAT format

    Win7 can detect and read without any problem.

    Galaxy S3 can detect and read without any problem.

    Vista can't detect at all. I have to re-format again using Vista to exFAT. But after that, Galaxy s3 can't see the SD card :(

    Wondering what is the different between Win7 and Vista exFAT format. Anyone have any solution?

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  • Help!!! Anyone knows the solution?

    Sunday, January 13, 2013 7:49 AM
  • Found the solution, for > 32GB exFAT needs Hotfix: KB975823 besides SP1


    or, for 64bits Vista


    Sunday, January 13, 2013 2:00 PM
  • Hi,

    Many Thanks Chui Kean.

    Your question followed by reporting the solution you found, solved my problem and saved my time.

    I had the same problem about my 64Gb micro SD on Windows Vista Basic SP2.

    I bought a 64GB Micro SD memory (branded as Viking on its pack) and put it into my SD Card slot on my laptop which is a 10Year old Dell Vostro 1500 and is running Windows Vista Business SP2 (of course using the contained micro SD to SD converter placeholder).

    It was not recognized as a formatted drive and windows asked to format it but showed the memory size some thing about 26.3GB or 27.3GB.

    I tried following steps with no success:

    1- Formatting it on a Win 7 laptop as FAT-32 but It was not possible since windows does not allow to format drives larger than 32GB as FAT32. Its original format was exFat. Finally we tested formatting it as NTFS, again it was not shown on Vista as a formatted drive.

    2- Trying to format it as FAT32 using 3rd part apps such as Fat32Formatter on Windows 7 laptop (since Windows Vista did not show the whole space). But that app could not recognize the drive correctly and the memory corrupted such that both Windows Vista&7 could not recognize it at all.

    3- Put the micro SD in a GLX G6/Maad (an Iranian Brand) smart phone running android 5 and it mentioned an option to repair it and then formatted it as FAT-32. (Android and may be Linux/Mac and some 3rd party tools allow formatting larger drive up to 128G as Fat 32).

    4- Tested it again in laptops, on Windows 7 It showed 58.2 but on Windows Vista it just showed an un-formatted drive again and just allowed to format as 26 or 27 GB drive as before.

    5- Tried to install some Microsoft KB updates for Widows Vista, but windows standalone update installer, asserted that those updates are not applicable to your system.

    Finally I found your post in this forum that suggested links to true microsoft KB update articles. I followed your first link (my vista is 32bit) and downloaded and installed that Microsoft hotfix update. I am wondering why the suggested Microsoft KB page is not shown on Google search results and one should find it from other places!

    After  that the problem was solved and I could see the micro SD as a 58.2GB drive on my Windows Vista laptop (as was formatted as Fat32 on android phone).

    I tried to see if I can format it as exFat (since it is more efficient by allowing smaller allocation block size) and it was possible on hotfix updated Windows Vista.

    As a final note for those who download the .msu package (in this case Windows6.0-KB975823-x86.msu) and want to install it if it says that Windows update is disabled, you should go to windows services and enable the Windows Update Service. I was disabling it because recently (after Windows Vista support is stopped by microsoft) I noticed that windows update when enabled consumes 50% of my  CPU in cover of one of svchost.exe service host processes.

    Hope this info helps somebody else.

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  • You can't get these downloads any more from Microsoft. Anyone still have them for Vista x86, x64 or Win7 x86, x64 downloads?
    Sunday, September 20, 2020 11:32 AM