Copy documents and collect meta data


  • SP2010 Enterprise

    I'm looking to create a feature or reusable workflow or..?
    We use SP for our doc management system. Some of the docs need to be surfaced onto our intranet pages.
    We don't want to show the documents in their original library so need to copy them to different libraries and have the intranet pages read them from there.

    This will affect many libraries so recreating a workflow for each library may not be the best.

    User works on a doc until complete and they decide to copy this doc so it can be published on the intranet.
    During this process they will be asked for 3 pieces of information:
    Document type (e.g. policy, news item, procedure), expiry date and content owner.

    The document will them be copied to a location (determined by the document type) and the 3 pieces of info they provided will be used as column values on that destination library.

    All libraries are within the same web app but span many site collections so a copy doc workflow action doesn't seem to be the way.

    Open to all suggestions and advice around workflows, farm feature that uses a library item drop down or ribbon button.... or?!

    Tuesday, October 15, 2013 10:17 PM


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