Restoring a Windows 7 Client at a Remote Location


  • I have a user located 4000+ miles away who had their laptop's hard drive replaced. I have a recent complete backup of their device on a 2012 R2 Essential Service (in the client backup folder) and I need to restore it.

    From what I understand and from a quick test I performed, when they boot from the USB recovery drive the laptop looks for server only on the local network. The PE environment on the recovery drive does not allow a VPN connection to the server to be established. Entering the public IP address or the name does not work either.

    Is there a way to export the necessary files from the server's client backup folder to an external drive so that I can physically send files for restoration?

    Can the USB recovery drive be modified to add the option for VPN?

    The user will not be able to directly connect to the server network for another 5 months, so a remote recovery would be ideal.

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