new plu-gin algorithm by Re-using existing algorithm and AMO library


  • Morning,

    is it possible to create a plugin algorithm for ssas by reusing methods of AMO and ADOMD.NET  library?

    I want create a plu-gin algorithm wich combine Association rules, sequence clustering , time series and personnal code. but for future ,better and sclable deployment, it is better to build a plug in algorithm, not stored procedure.

    so instead of reinvent wheel, is it possible to call functions as "CreateMiningModel", "Process","Update".... call existing models in my new combining model ? and after plug it to ssas

    Please how? I have already rode "sql server datamining managed plug in algorithm" and "sql server datamining plug in algorithm tutorial", but they use personnal algorithms instaed of re-using existing algorithms.

    Wednesday, December 11, 2013 1:25 PM

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