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    I've been trying to find a solution to this problem for quite a few months now without any luck... I did a big research and tried several things I found over the net and nothing worked. Everything points to the direction of re-installation of Vista.


    The problem is that when I try to install IIS or any of its components (through Turn windows features on/off) , I get the message An error has occurred. Not all of the features were successfully Installed, and nothing gets installed.

    I previously had IIS installed when I initially bought my pc and windows, but something happend with setting up IIS and it didnt work, so I tried to re-install it. From then on I never managed to install it.


    I have Windows Vista Ultimate 64bits. And I am a professional Developer with my own company, I also recently bought Visual Studio Professional 2008 which gets stuck any time I try to do anything that has to do with websites.

    I use my system professionally and I dont want to re-install my platform because I have to do many registrations to my software again, and many setups that will bring my company to a hault for many days!


    What can I do to resolve the issue without paying 170 USD that Microsoft asks and without having to re-install windows that may bring me back to the same situation again??? And without the need to switch back to Windows XP???


    Isnt there a simple way to clean up something in the system so it thinks IIS was never installed before???  There are MANY incidents like this, there is no formal answer from Microsoft, and the only solution I ve seen people do is to re-install Windows, but thats not acceptable for professionals...



    Emmanouil Filippou


    UPDATE: This is a new installation on a new PC (no upgrade from other operating systems) and it has SP1 and all microsoft updates installed.

    Wednesday, July 2, 2008 2:11 PM


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  • Hi all,


    I tried to install IIS on my Vista SP1 computer by using turn programs and features through control panel,

    I got this error "An error has occured.  not all of the features were sucessfully changed."  I can not get it installed.

    I checked the log and can not find anything.  I can not turn on any features.


    I do not have WPAS enabled and also my Vista is not a upgrade from XP.  Also http://support.microsoft.com/?id=929772 is not a case as I do not have inetmgr folder.  I can not get IIS installed.  I got the new computer with Vista Ultimate.


    This is a wide-spread problem. 




    Wednesday, July 2, 2008 3:02 PM
  • Hi Emmanouil,


    You can monitor the following thread:


    Can not install IIS ON Vista SP1?



    Hope it helps.


    Tim Quan - MSFT

    Thursday, July 3, 2008 3:29 AM

    Hello Tim Quan,


    I have followed all these threads, none of them worked, I event sent you IIS7.log file in the past (6 April 2008) via email at SCEDATA@microsoft.com but no answer...

    Also If you nottice no solution is provided in any of these threads, either the users re-installed vista or there are no answers, and more users report there is a problem...


    In the case of the scan tool (SFC /Scannow), the scan processes ok, and thats it... still I cannot install IIS. and I cannot install  WAS (or uninstall it since its not installed)


    Also, in the case of System Update Readiness Tool for x64 based systems, when I try to run the installer, the system says that "The update does not apply to your system"

    What does that mean? that I already have this tool installed? If so, how do I run it? Where do I find it?


    Thanks, Emmanouil Filippou


    Thursday, July 3, 2008 5:58 AM
  • Hi Emmanouil,


    Thank you for the reply.


    I am sorry that we did not receive the log file from you and we do not use SCEDATA@microsoft.com now.


    Currently, I would like to confirm if you ever deleted or renamed a file named pending.xml. Please confirm if this file exists in C:\Windows\winsxs. If this file is deleted or renamed, it will be an expected behavior that we cannot install or uninstall Windows features and the only solution is to reinstall the system.


    If you did not delete or rename pending.xml and this file exists in C:\Windows\winsxs, please send us the CBS.log file in C:\Windows\Logs\CBS for further research from the following site:



    Password: zS#zNQrCS_bbht (Please copy it to the Password line)


    Hope it helps.


    Tim Quan - MSFT


    Thursday, July 3, 2008 9:09 AM

    Ok, I've sent you the CBS.log file.

    In C:\Windows\winsxs there are these files:

    pending.xml.01c8969a7b85d614 and pending.xml.bad

    The system doesnt allow me to delete anything in this directory..


    Thanks, Emmanouil Filippou

    Thursday, July 3, 2008 10:01 AM
  • his,i'm using vista ultimate sp1 86bit , i don't setup IIS , i have same error

    "An error has occurred. Not all of the features were successfully".. please help me ! Thanks SM


    Thursday, July 3, 2008 7:37 PM
  • hix,on ones help me? Please , i'm needing now..><..huhu


    Friday, July 4, 2008 2:13 AM



    Currently, I suggest trying a Startup Repair to test the issue.


    If the issue persists, you may try an In-place Upgrade of Windows Vista.


    Hope it helps.


    Tim Quan - MSFT

    Tuesday, July 8, 2008 8:09 AM

    Sorry for my ignorence, what do you mean startup repair?

    And In-Place Upgrade?




    Tuesday, July 8, 2008 3:43 PM



    Startup Repair:


    1. Insert the Windows Vista installation disc into the disc drive, and then start the computer. 

    2. Press any key when the message indicating "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD …". appears.

    3. Select a language, time, currency, and a keyboard or input method. Then click Next. 

    4. Click Repair your computer. 

    5. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, choose the drive of your Windows installation and click Next. 

    6. At the System Recovery Options Dialog Box, click Repair your computer.

    7. Click the operating system that you want to repair, and then click Next.

    8. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click Startup Repair.


    In-place Upgrade:


    1. Boot into Windows Vista.

    2. Insert the Windows Vista DVD in the computer's DVD drive.

    3. Use one of the following procedures, as appropriate:


    If Windows automatically detects the DVD, the Install now screen appears. Click Install now.

    If Windows does not automatically detect the DVD, follow these steps:


    a. Click Start, click Run, type Drive:\setup.exe, and then click OK.


    Note: Drive is the drive letter of the computer's DVD drive.


    b. Click Install now.


    4. When you reach the Which type of installation to you want? screen, click Upgrade to upgrade the current operating system to Windows Vista.


    Note: We may need to reactivate the system after the upgrade.


    If the issue persists, please let me know if any error appears in Event Viewer/Windows Logs/System when installing IIS.


    Hope it helps.


    Tim Quan - MSFT

    Monday, July 14, 2008 7:47 AM
  • As posted in another thread, I may have found a solution to this issue that will work for you if the problem is due to language packs.  See http://aaronwl.com/research/cs/os/windows/bugs/vista_features_fail.htm for more information.
    Sunday, July 27, 2008 5:34 PM
  •  AaronTicore wrote:
    As posted in another thread, I may have found a solution to this issue that will work for you if the problem is due to language packs.  See http://aaronwl.com/research/cs/os/windows/bugs/vista_features_fail.htm for more information.


    Aaron Thanks for sharing this!

    Unfortunatelly your solution came a few days late, I Uninstalled and threw away Vista Ultimate 64, since it proved to be an Ultimate Disaster!

    I bought Windows XP Professional and solved my problem!

    Of course it cost me ANOTHER 150 euro, but it has cost me MUCH MUCH more in my business all these months trying to find a solution, and keeping a second pc for IIS development....


    By the way, Tim Quan - MSFT' s solution didnt work.



    Emmanouil Filippou

    Sunday, July 27, 2008 8:28 PM