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  • Hi,

    There is a change of domain ID in our organization for all user.

    For example, we initially have an account named MYDOMAIN\oldUser. This accounts will be changed to MYDOMAIN\newUser. 

    I did some googling online and found some information. One such function is the migrateuser which will update the user permission from the older user to the new user.

    STSADM –o migrateuser –oldlogin MYDOMAIN\oldUser –newlogin MYDOMAIN\newUser –ignoresidhistory

    I noticed the SharePoint groups still reflects the oldUser and not the new User.

    I understand that the migrateuser function only applies to user permission and not to SharePoint Groups and fields in item like Created By and Modified By.

    Is there out of box functions that can replace the old ID to the new ID in

    • SharePoint Groups
    • Created By, Modified By fields of Lists and items

    or will i need to manually modify them one by one?

    Thanks in advance.



    Friday, January 8, 2016 7:25 AM