Vista Ultimate: BlkSOD intermittently at boot time RRS feed

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  • I have installed Vista U.

    (I ran upgrade advisor 1st on XP installation to check for probs: none were found so I went ahead with it)

    Upon the 1st insertion of the Install Disk the machine just BlkSOD on me, so I power cycled a few times and then after a couple it worked.

    I installed Vista OK and then did a reboot, It BlkSOD again.

    Now I believe there is a flag that is set at boot time that is not 'unset' until the machine boots, so I power cycled and the machine this time booted (unsure if this is 'intellegent' Vista operation based on aforementioned flag?)

    I now am stuck having to power cycle the machine every time I want to boot my box...

    Any thoughts from anyone on 1) why this might be 2) how to fix it

    I have a 64bit system MSI AMD motherboard, 64bit AMD processor, 7800 GeForce Vid card and 2Gb of Ram, thats about it; as I removed all ancillary guts after 1st install-disk-boot-time fail.

    This is as you can imagine frustrating...


    yours hopefully,






    Wednesday, February 7, 2007 8:02 PM