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    Your organization has a central head office and five remote branch offices located across the United States. Operational data is cloud-based, using OneDrive for Business. There is a business requirement for full computer backups for each of the staff members at the five branches, and currently this is being performed locally to a second drive partition on each device. Your manager wants to ensure that each office has local file storage redundancy for the backups and has asked you to recommend a solution. During the past 2 months, you have upgraded many of the desktop computers and installed new 128 GB SSD drives. You have 50 spare drives of assorted sizes as follows.

     32 x 1 TB SATA drives (2 years old) 

    18 x 320 SATA drives (4 years old)

    Each branch office currently uses a Windows 10–based computer, which is used as a printer server. The printer is connected directly to it and shared across the network. The computer has no onboard RAID or RAID card capabilities. Your solution should use the equipment currently available and not incur additional cost. Answer the following questions for your manager.

    1. What feature will you recommend to be used? 

    2. How will you use the spare drives?

    3. If the print server can only fit a maximum of four drives per computer, how would this affect your proposal? 

    4. If you have any drives left over, how would you use these?

    Thursday, March 1, 2018 3:11 AM

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