i need help with system strart up repair for vista hp RRS feed

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  • I have a bit of a problem :-)

    I have vista HP and if i ever ran in to problems i had tech guy on my laptop that would help me repair and reinstall vista ....However my computer recently is going really slow and driving me up the wall .
    and keeps cutting off ect ect on me.so a few weeks ago it cut off on me so i restarted my computer and it said launch repair or start windows normally....   

    so I clicked run repair however it brought me to a screen asking for other user ...so thinking it was my name done that with password clicked ok and it said could not contact this domain or somthing along those lines. i tried admin administrator with password as admin and no password ut nothing ..so i have able to get into my main profile by going through start normally so i was not to bothered however my computer is worse than ever now i have spent the last 3-4 days looking in google and getting nothing i have down loaded more things than i can remember still nothing. I have only ever been the one to use this computer and cannot think of anything else im pulling my hair out over this.is there anyone that can help me please. Im not very technical with computers but if i get instruction im usually quite good at following them.  Also better mention i have no reboot disk as always been able to do it off my hard drive (i think it on that anyhow)my disk drive is broken and does not run disks so cant go out and buy a disk to do it. i really dont want to be paying about £60 to get it repaired if i can help it....If any more info needed let me know (wills) 

    Monday, May 7, 2012 4:28 PM