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  • Hi,

    On SharePoint 2010 on premise we have couple of document libraries with 32000 and 36000 documents. We have enabled 5,12 and 20 versions on these document libraries.

    We were managed to migrate other sites and libraries using migration API (scripts) mentioned below. However for one site which have more than 30K documents it is migrating only 4K documents. Size of these libraries are 7,8,19, 28, 110 and 227 GB.

    We would like to understand:

    1. Is there a way we can migrate this data forcefully?

    2. We are discovering other possible solutions. One option is to split libraries into multiple document libraries into SP 2010 and migrate it to SPO. Problem with this approach is we are losing metadata (modified by, modified date) and version history. And we need this metadata and version history. Please suggest a way to split library without losing metadata and version history.

    We are using following scripts to migrate the data:

    Run on SharePoint 2010 PowerShell

    $SourUrl = "<<SourceSiteURL>>"

    $itemUrl = "<<DocumentLibraryURL>>"

    $path = "<<Path where to store Exported data>>"

    Export-SPWeb -Identity $SourUrl -ItemUrl $itemUrl -Path $path -NoFileCompression -IncludeVersions all -Verbose


    Run this on SharePoint online PowerShell

    $cred = get-credential

    $TargetWebUrl = "<<SharePoint Online target web URL>>"

    $TargetDocumentLibraryPath = "<<Target Library Name>>"

    $SourceFilesPath = "<<Source file path>>"

    $outputPackagePath = "<<Outputpackage path>>"

    ConvertTo-SPOMigrationTargetedPackage –SourceFilesPath $SourceFilesPath -SourcePackagePath $SourceFilesPath -outputPackagePath $outputPackagePath -TargetWebUrl $TargetWebUrl -TargetDocumentLibraryPath $TargetDocumentLibraryPath -Credentials $cred -Verbose

    Invoke-SPOMigrationEncryptUploadSubmit -SourceFilesPath $SourceFilesPath -SourcePackagePath $outputPackagePath -Credentials $cred -TargetWebUrl $targetWebUrl

    Get-SPOMigrationJobStatus -TargetWebUrl $TargetWebUrl -Credentials $cred




    Monday, February 13, 2017 7:56 AM

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  • Hi Amit,

    There is no OOTB method to migrate such a large amount of data from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online.

    To move files with versions and metadata, we can just move a file in Explorer View from one document library to another. Open libraries in Explorer View, then drag and drop files.

    Or we can move files using “Content and Structure”. Navigate to Site Settings > Content and structure > Open the library and select the items > Click on Actions > Select Move > Select the target library.

    Read the article below for more solutions for moving files with versions and metadata:

    Best regards,

    Linda Zhang

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