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    I am currently working on transfering a PerformancePoint Application on a Windoes 2003 Server.

    The transfer process requires to run multiple commands by moving/creating objects within the Database Server using PerformancePoint commands.

    I am trying to create a batch file where I can run all commands at once.

    For instance, I am creating a file that contains:


    ppscmd StagingDb /operation LoadDataFromStaging /server http://localhost:46787 /path "TAC Americas.Accounting.Dimension:ClassIDToBranch" /currentsite "TAC Americas.Accounting"


    ppscmd StagingDb /operation LoadDataFromStaging /server http://localhost:46787 /path "TAC Americas.Accounting.Dimension:Ledger" /currentsite "TAC Americas.Accounting"


    ppscmd StagingDb /operation LoadDataFromStaging /server http://localhost:46787 /path "TAC Americas.Accounting.Dimension:ManagementReportingHFMMap" /currentsite "TAC Americas.Accounting"


    ppscmd StagingDb /operation LoadDataFromStaging /server http://localhost:46787 /path "TAC Americas.Accounting.DimensionStick out tongueeriod" /currentsite "TAC Americas.Accounting"


    When I run this file from DOS the following error appears:

    "The program or feature cannot start or run due to incompatibility with 64-bit version of Windows. Please contact the Software vendor to ask if a 64-bit Windows compatible version is available".


    Let me know if I need to include any extra setting in the file or run it in a different way.

    If I manually enter each command, works correctly.


    Thank you on advance for your attention.

    Eduardo Carlo

    Thursday, September 18, 2008 3:03 PM


  • Hi Eduardo,


    Please understand that we mainly discuss Windows Vista issues in this forum. As your issue is related to Windows Server 2003 and scripting, we are not the best resource to troubleshoot it. I suggest discussing the issue in our MSDN forum. They mainly discuss scripting issues.


    MSDN forum:



    I hope your issue can be resolved soon.


    Tim Quan - MSFT



    Friday, September 19, 2008 3:32 AM