Sharepoint 2007 - Turning off warning notification + additional check in/out information RRS feed

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  • Scenario:

    Open file at 9am, leave open (to read) till 12p, then check out. Upon checking out, it will give you a warning to use the most current version. If the warning is ignored, the 9am version + whatever changes you will make will overwrite the newest version.

    Is it possible to turn off this warning, and automatically have the most recent version checked out when checking out?


    Also, is there a way to show what exact version was modified in the version history? For example:

    No.           Modified                                  Modified by

    3.0           12/11/14 9:00am                 Person 3

    2.0           12/11/14 8:00am                 Person 2

    1.0           12/11/14 7:00am                 Person 1

    In this particular situation, Person 3 opened the file to view perhaps around 7:30am. Person 2 as seen here, modified the file at 8:00am. Person 3 decided to check out the file around 8:45am, but for some reason or another, ignored the warning to use the most current version (2.0). (Which is why I want to turn this notification/warning off)

    So, when Person 3 modified the document, he/she was actually making changes to version (1.0).

    Is there anyway to identify which version of the document was modified? For example, a tag such as "Person 3 modified version 1.0 at 9:00am."

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thursday, December 11, 2014 8:08 PM