Installation Error of Project Pro Trial - Error 25004 RRS feed

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  • Good day everyone. I have tried installing the Project Pro trial version and I get the error 25004 and it indicates I have a previous trial version of some 2013 software installed. Here is the setup:

    • Have Windows 8.1 professional (all up to date and legal)
    • Was running Office Pro 2010, Visio Pro 2010, Project Pro 2010 (installed from authentic MS CD's)
    • Upgraded with the company I am with to Office 365 Business (installed from web and legal )
    • I uninstalled all my office Pro 2010 software except for project pro 2010 and Visio Pro 2010

    When I first encountered this problem I uninstalled all Office 365 software using the FixIt program, then uninstalled all 2010 software. I tried reinstalling the Project 2013 Trial first, but no luck. I tried the manual install and no luck also. I have not tried a safe start install.

    I am getting frustrated since I have heard or done the following:

    • I was told that I can't add the Project Pro for 365 to our business license since we would need to upgrade to enterprise version, which is not going to happen
    • try using the MS FixIt program - no luck and same error.
    • I need to a complete re-install Windows - not likely to happen. Seems a bit extreme.
    • even a new install of windows won't fix the issue...really?
    • Lastly I heard that MS is aware of this issue. The question is are they working on a fix or am I stuck?

    Before I go out an invest $1500 on the software, I want to make sure I can install it. 

    My questions are:

    1. could this have something to do with my Office 365 (Business)?
    2. Is this going to inhibit my ability to install Project 2013 (fully licensed version)?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Friday, June 6, 2014 9:04 PM