WMI Filter permission root\RSOP\Computer


  • Hi

    I have a user folder redirection policy and only want it to run on computers in certain OU's.  I've got this WMI query in namespace root\rsop\computer

    Select * From RSOP_Session Where SOM = 'OU=Desktops,OU=Unit 15,OU=PH UK,DC=DOMAIN,DC=local' OR SOM='OU=Desktops,OU=Unit 16,OU=DOMAIN,DC=ph-hq,DC=local'

    It returns false for machines that should be true.  I think I have found the problem, and its that the standard user doesn't have the rights to read from root\rsop\computer

    They can read from root\CIMv2 and if I put the user in local administrators group root\rsop\computer query works

    How do I grant read permission to root\rsop\computer for standard users and would like to do this globally.

    Friday, December 19, 2014 12:08 PM


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