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    I would like to see.

     The keyboard should go the way of the dodo(Except for gamming), an be replaced by an OS based on a true decision engine that can understand human speech and accept commands in real time, which is well within the abilities of the crew at Microsoft. image this you get home and you feel like reminiscing over some photos, “Computer change screen saver display only water skiing photos of me “Windows 10 springs into action using facial recognition it will find all of the photos of you water skiing and run them on your slideshow,  “Computer I like the #1, #7, #10 -32 photos make an album called Joe water skiing and post it to my friends on facebook”, “Computer did you finishing checking my mp3’s I noticed some of them didn’t have the correct album info”, “Computer I just got a new MP3 player can you put a random assortment of my most played music on it tonight I’ll be up and ready for work by 6:00AM to make sure it is done” “Computer did I get any e-mail from my wife other than the joke of the day she forwards from her aunt rose”, “Computer I just thought of this find the sound effects to the three stogies or some such slap-stick comedy and make a video I can play on my Phone of my best water skiing wipe-outs the guys at work with get a kick out of it, maybe dub in another one bites the dust”, “this has been driving me nuts all day what was that song played in the back ground of the movie I watched last night”  I see this as the wave of the feature no more sitting and banging on a keyboard no more spending hours right clicking and renaming files you just tell your computer “find all the files of me water skiing at blue lake from Last June and rename them”

    Lets face it MCS20019237.jpg is horrid but Blue_Lake_9:15AM_Joe.jpg is better.

    Just a few examples of the 1000's of Idea floating around in my brain.



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  • On Tue, 21 Jun 2011 00:01:31 +0000, Belezeebub wrote:

    Windows 10 Interface?

    I would like to see.

     The keyboard should go the way of the dodo(Except for gamming), an

    The current version is Windows 7. Windows 10 will be three versions
    from now (in the unlikely event that Microsoft decides to call it

    Also note that this isn't Microsoft you're addressing; this is a peer
    support forum. We are all just users of this version of Windows here,
    helping each other if and when we can. We are not Microsoft employees
    (not even those of us with "Microsoft MVP" behind our names; that's an
    honorary title for having provided consistently helpful advice) except
    for an occasional employee.

    If you want to recommend something to Microsoft, please contact them
    directly. Trying to do it here is just a waste of (figurative) breath.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP
    Tuesday, June 21, 2011 12:55 AM
  • You can submit the feedback to the Product Team: http://mymfe.microsoft.com/Windows%20%207/Feedback.aspx?formID=195 , or Contact Microsoft here: http://connect.microsoft.com



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