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    My Windows Media Player used to play just fine.. but then one day it stopped playing certain files... which happens to be most of the video files I have on my laptop.  It plays wmv and most avi files... but the avi files that I have with soft subtitles now only play the audio and no visual.  So I tried renaming the soft subtitles separate from the avi file so that they wouldn't play together because I assumed that the subs were the problem since the other avi files played... but it still didn't work.  Also, at the same time, my Windows Movie Maker stopped playing the avi files with subs completely (no audio either).  But unlike the Windows Media Player, it stopped playing the other avi files with visual.. only audio worked. 


    The error for when I try to play my avi files on Windows Media Player with soft subs is Error C00D10D1. 


    The "reason" for the error is one of the following on this page:




    -DirectDraw Acceleration is already enabled

    -According to my Windows Update page, there's nothing

    -I'm not using the Remote Desktop feature.  Nothing's been moved; like I said earlier, WMP used to play these same videos just fine

    -There's no codecs left to install


    Moreover, regarding the codecs, I used GSpot to see what codec was missing, and there was nothing... For Video it said there's already 2 compatible codecs installed, and 3 for audio (which however, isn't the problem).  This makes sense though, since like I said, these files used to play just fine, and I've had the klite codecs program installed since I first began using my laptop. 


    So, I'm not really sure what's going on.  Please I hope there's someone out there who has experienced the same thing or can give me a hand. 


    Thanks so much to those who took the time to read my long post. 



    Maybe more information on the files playing without picture would be helpful?  Well, they are just movies or tv shows that don't air and aren't licensed in the U.S. and therefore have no English subtitles.. so fans subtitle the episodes themselves.  They upload the video files and then write their own translations of the lines and save them as a notepad file...then the file is timed using a program... so that when the avi file and the notepad file have the same name extension, they play along with one another.  (Sorry if this is too much information... maybe it's not needed because all that matters it that what once played now doesn't... but just in case, right?) Thanks again.

    Thursday, November 22, 2007 1:14 AM