Wired Issue with SSRS Report when setting the Borderstyle for for Body to Default (solid)


  • Hi

      I am using Visual Studio 2008 SSRS and came across a wired issue when setting the Border style for Body as (solid).

     The Report works fine as per the requirement but below the toolbar of the Report I am able to see the stylesheet getting displayed directly in the browser like the below lines.

    .A0643ebae16044853b24bda7913a71e021{border:1pt Solid Black;border-left-style:Solid;border-right-style:Solid;background-color:Transparent;background-repeat:Repeat;padding-left:0pt;padding-top:0pt;padding-right:0pt;padding-bottom:0pt;}

    The reason I am trying to set the borderstyle Default value to solid is that I want a outline border for my SSRS Report.

    I am getting the border for the SSRS Report but this style sheet is directly displayed in browser which is not correct. Is tere any way we can hide this stylesheet.

     Let me know If anybosy came across the same issue. Hope I have provided enough information.



    Thursday, January 30, 2014 8:54 PM

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