Can you use Multi Factor Authentication server with Central NPS and RD Gateway? RRS feed

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    Does anyone have any experience getting the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on-premise server, working with a Remote Desktop Gateway server, and a centralised NPS server?  I can get a solution whereby a user can get the second token (phone call/sms etc.) but the connection never gets established.  It looks like its looping as it repeats the phone call/text for a second time but again no connection.  I can’t figure out why.

    All the blogs are very vague as to whether you can combine a new MFA NPS connection policy with an existing username/group membership NPS policy on a centralised NPS server (with RAP/CAP policies).

    I need to understand whether we can combine both an MFA Radius policy with a Username/Password plus group membership NPS policy together to achieve two factor authentication.

    Do you have the Remote Desktop Gateway Server connect to the Central NPS server and then the NPS server use the MFA server as its proxy server? In effect turning the NPS server into a proxy Radius server?  

    Or do you configure the Remote Desktop Gateway server to use the MFA server as the proxy Radius server, and configure the MFA server to send on Radius requests to the central NPS server?

    Or either of these scenarios not supported and you can only use the MFA server as the only Radius server in the auth. process? (bypassing NPS policies?)

    Thanks if someone can assist,

    I’ve been using these blogs but to no successful effect:

    Friday, September 26, 2014 1:53 AM