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  • Hello, i have a problem with Windows Update, i have 40 updates to install and when i have installed them and come to the restart-part it doesn't work, it always fails at "Updates Configureates Step 2 of 3 at 1%" and i get the "Some changes couldn't complete a new try 'something' when windows starts up again"

    And when windows starts up again it try to configurate the updates once again but with no success, same thing happens and it fails at "Step 2 of 3 at 1%"... and i get the message that the "Updates didn't configureate correctly, the changes restore"

    Excuse the english, might be alot of wrong but i have a Swedish Vista and i don't know the translation 100% :P

    (The updates that doesn't work is all KB95.......)

    What's the problem and how do i solve it? :(
    Friday, February 13, 2009 9:10 AM






    Thank you for posting.


    A quick solution to the issue is to boot the system to Safe Mode and restore the system back to the previous status when the issue didn’t occur with System Restore. (Note: Performing a system restore may cause the loss of the current system settings; therefore, before doing this, please make sure that the system restore point is not too old and set a restore point for the current status.)


    Regarding the issue, please try the following suggestion:


    Please rename the “pending.xml” file (it is in the directory C:\windows\winsxs) after booting into the Safe Mode. If you can’t rename the “pending.xml” file in safe mode, please refer to the following steps:


    1.     Insert the Windows Vista installation disc in the DVD drive, and then restart the computer. 

    2.     Press any key when you are prompted to restart from the disc. 

    3.     When you are prompted, configure the Language to install, Time and currency format, and Keyboard or input method options that you prefer, and then click "Next". 

    4.     On the Install Windows page, click "Repair your computer". 

    5.     On the System Recovery Options page, click the version of the Windows Vista operating system that you want to repair, and then click "Next".

    6.     On the System Recovery Options page, click "Command Prompt". 

    7.     Type cd C:\windows\winsxs, and then press "ENTER". 


    Please note: There is a space between “cd” and “C:\windows\winsxs”.


    8.     Type ren pending.xml pending.old, and then press "EN

    9.     Type exit at the command prompt, and then press "ENTER".

    10.   Click "Restart".


    If Windows can boot normally then, please perform a Clean Boot and then try to run Windows Update again to see if it works.


    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista



    Meanwhile, I would like to share the following related Knowledge Base with you:


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    Hope this helps.

    Nicholas Li - MSFT
    Monday, February 16, 2009 10:07 AM