Network file transfer speed slow when copying lots of files at once, fine when copying a single file.


  • Hi

    I'm seeing a slightly weird issue when copying multiple files over the network between two 2008R2 servers.

    I took a copy of the extracted Dell OpenManage software and compressed it to a zip. When I transfer the zip file over the network to the other server, it transfers at roughly 5mb/s which is the speed of the line (50mbit).

    If I try to copy the folder containing the software over the network, the transfer speed drops to 200kbit/s 

    I have tried turning off TCP autotuning and also TCP Chimney offload and this hasn't helped with the slow speeds when copying multiple files at once.

    The NICs are BroadCom NetXTreme Gigabit Ethernet (5720) if that helps.

    Hope someone can help with this!



    Saturday, May 10, 2014 6:55 PM