Software Updates stops working on clients


  • Hello,

    our software updates stops working in a Primary site. Other primary sites under our central are still working.

    Unfornuality there are no error codes in the standard server or client logfiles.

    The database server was moved to another hardware last week week because of many problems which seems to result of performance leaks.

    The database server name changed and I corrected it running SCCM setup.

    After migration all works fine except replicating new packages from central site to this primary site.

    I used preinst to start a sync but it didn't help.

    So I disconnected an reconnected the primary site from the parent site and next morning all works fine again.

    To late I found out there was a replication trandaction ID error causing this problem.

    Newly created updates list, deployment packages on the central site are replicated to the primary site but they do not work , too.

    I'm not sure that this database migration is responisible for our software updates problem, but it occurs nearly the same time.

    Any idea but someone?

    Wednesday, February 20, 2013 9:08 AM