Offline drive RRS feed

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  • My problem is hard to get a handle on.  I'm in a hospital.  My environment is entirely virtual.  I have 8 Meditech file servers with RDM drives.  Over the last two days on separate occasions, 3 of them had the RDM drive go offline.  When this happens, the user's Meditech slows way down since it can't talk to the offline drive.  The server itself is extremely slow but I have found that the ANPserver service is responsible for the slow down.  When I stop that service the server springs to life.  All virtual servers are on VMware vSphere 6.5 hosts and are running Windows 2016 Std on Dell MX740C blades through F/C to a Unity XT 480F box with all flash storage.  No resource contention. 

    When I put the drive back online and restart the server, everything is fine.  There are two events logged.  The first starts about an hour before the second. 

    First-Event ID 16002 "Closing a UDP socket ... is taking longer than expected."  Further explanation talks about possible network driver issues.

    Second-Event ID 1 "The \Device\SBFWIPS IPS packet channel buffer is at capacity so packets will be dropped/allowed based on policy."  No other information.

    I don't think this is a network driver issue since the RDM drive goes offline.  The events don't shed any light on it.  I'm sure the first event happens because the server can no longer talk to the remote drive.  The second shows the buffer filling up since the server can't send any data to the offline drive.  Has anyone run into anything like this before?  Maybe this is a Dell or VMware issue but I'm starting with Microsoft since this is the server OS.  Thanks.

    Thursday, October 15, 2020 4:35 PM