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  • I am using DPM 2012 sp1.  In my main Data Center we have DPM server writing all LT jobs to virtual tape using Firestreamer.  All the tapes are stored on a local NAS appliance.  We have a DR site at a nearby campus which we have extended some VLANs across our fiber WAN so the DR site thinks its local.  I am looking to add a second DPM server to the DR site to backup the Primary DPM server.

    Now, my question is, would i want to use another instance of Firestreamer as the copy library and point it to another NAS appliance at the DR site then in my Protection Groups, set the Copy Library to the DR site?  I am trying to achieve a backup of my primary DPM server and DB as well as have duplicate tapes at the DR site.

    It is my understanding that the Secondary DPM server would be backing up the DPM DB along with the replicas.  Is that correct?

    Thursday, February 19, 2015 4:55 PM


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