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  • I have recently got a new laptop and when i try to play DVD's and CD's on it no sound comes out. It comes up with a box which says " Error. Audio format is not supported by the current application. Please launch %s in MCE. " I have no idea what that means, or what MCE is actually! It's just a Windows Vista Basic, if that is at all relevent. I have tried to use the 'Help and Support' guide on the laptop but it just doesn't have a clue!I just want to be able to watch DVD's on my laptop! (:
    Wednesday, August 26, 2009 1:57 AM

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  • I have the exact same problem.  I've been trying to fix it for hours.  All MS does, is keep trying to BS us on how good vista is.  If MS were so good, why don't they want to talk to their customers?
    Sunday, September 20, 2009 3:19 PM
  • This information is specific to Windows Vista. For details on setting up Windows Media Center 2005 with your Media Extender please look here.

    Which version of MCE Tunes supports extenders on Windows Vista?

    MCE Tunes Pro version 2.5 or later.

    How do I setup MCE Tunes to work with my extender?

    Run the MCE Tunes Extender Utility from the Windows Start menu. It is a one time setup that configures your sound card output and volume levels. Select your "Wave out" "Wave Mix" or "What U Hear" option and verify the sample sound plays correctly. You should now be able to play your iTunes tracks on your Media Extender as you would normally play any music track directly from the Media Center Music Library.

    ** Note: running the MCE Tunes Extender Utility is only required if you want to play iTunes Protected music (e.g. m4p files) on your extender. If you only want to play iTunes unprotected music (e.g. m4a files) on your extender then there is no need to run this utility. After installing MCE Tunes ... simply log in to your extender and you will be able to play your unprotected iTunes music.

    I don't see a "Wave Out" "Wave Mix" or "What U Hear" option when I run the Extender Configuration

    If you don't see this option then you should check the Windows audio properties to see if it's disabled. By default Windows Vista disables the "Wave out" option. You can verify/enable this option as follows:

    • From Windows: select Start | Control Panel | Sound | Recording

    • Right-click in the "select a recording device below..." dialog and select "show disabled devices"

    • If you see a device named "Wave Out," "Waveout mix," "What U Hear," or "Stereo mix" then right-click the device and select "enable"

    • The sound output format and recording format should match by default. To verify this, right-click on both the sound output (Speakers) and the Recorder (Stereo Mix, Wave Out, etc) . On the 'Advanced' tab for both, set the Default Format field to 2-channel, 16-bit, 44100Hz.

    • You can now run MCE Tunes Extender Configuration to configure your extender

    I recieve the error "Unable to unitialize selected mixer control..." when I try to play the sample sound

    1. Make sure the Windows Audio control panel (or any other application that could lock the sound card) is closed when you run the MCE Tunes Extender Configuration application.

    2. Make sure the default audio format of the speaker and Wave Mix (or line-in if you're using the line-in) are identical. You can find the audio formats as follows:

    • From Windows: select Start | Control Panel | Sound | Recording
    • Right-click on the "Wave mix" device and select Properties
    • Verify the Default Format is set at "2 channel, 16 bit, 44100Hz (CD Quality)" (see screen shot below)
    • Repeat the above steps for the "Speaker" device located under Start | Control Panel | Sound | Playback
    • Now that both default audio formats are set to the same values you can run the MCE Tunes Extender Configuration

    I receive the error “Audio error: unable to play your selection” on my Media Center Extender.

    • Windows Defender may be blocking MCETunesExtenderSupport.exe. To see if this is the case, please type “defender” in the “Start Search” bar (located on the Start Menu in Windows Vista) and verify that the Defender is not blocking MCETunesExtenderSupport.exe. Note, you can also run MCETunesExtenderSupport.exe manually from the folder "Program Files\Proxure\MCE Tunes Pro" folder.
    • Due to DRM restrictions you must be logged into the account which has authorization to play your iTunes music. Please login to your Media Center PC before playing audio on the Media Center Extender. You don't need to be running Media Center on the PC but you do need to be logged into your PC.

    I don’t hear any audio.

    • Make sure the Audio loop-back recording setting is selected on your Audio Recording Control Panel on your Media Center PC. This setting can be found with varying titles (“What U Hear,” “wave mix,” and “wave out” are some possibilities). If you don't see any of the settings above read the section "What if my audio card does not support Audio loop-back" below or try upgrading your audio card drivers (some older drivers don't support these lines)
    • Check your Media Center resource meter. When Media Center is under very heavy loads (i.e. recording TV, transcoding TV, etc) then it’s possible audio won’t flow to the extender.
    • Check the volume on your Wave Mix Recording Setting located in the Windows Audio Recording Control Panel

    What if my audio card does not support Audio loop-back?

    If your audio card does not support the "Wave Out" "What U Hear" or "Wave Mix" audio loop-back feature then you can try these options:

    Connect the line-out from your audio card directly to the line-in of your audio card and then select "line-in" as your audio source when running the MCE Tunes Extender Configuration
    • Update your audio drivers (see the manufacturer of your audio card). Some audio drivers do not enable the loop-back feature even though the audio card supports the feature.
    • Purchase a new sound card which supports audio loop-back

    Audio is distorted when playing through Media Center Extender but sounds fine when playing directly on Media Center PC.

    Lower the volume on the Wave Mix recording setting. If the volume is too high then your audio will be clipped and sound distorted when played on the Media Center Extender. Most cases work well with an audio level just below 50% of maximum.

    Missing artwork or songs on the Extender

    If you're missing songs or artwork on the extender then try these steps. If you don't see your music library at all then try this.

    iTunes protected audio is played simultaneously on my Media Center PC and Media Center Extender.

    Correct. Due to DRM requirements protected music (e.g. m4p) is played concurrently on your Media Center PC and the Extender. Some Media Center PC’s will allow you to mute the audio while still playing on the Extender. If your Media Center PC does not allow this then simply turn off the speakers on your Media Center PC or turn off your external audio amplifier. You can listen to both audio sources but there will be a time lag between the Media Center Extender and the Media Center PC audio which might not be inviting if the sources are physically close to each other.

    There's a delay between the audio coming from my Media Center PC and my Media Center Extender.

    Audio must be buffered on the Media Center PC before it is transported to the Extender. By default, there is a 5 second delay.

    My songs tend to skip and stutter during playback

    If the audio buffer is exceeded then you will hear a stuttering during playback. You may have a slower Media Center PC or storage device (NAS drive) that requires a longer audio buffer time. Note mceTunes uses a buffer of 5 seconds by default which works well on most Media Center’s. If you need to you may increase this value by adding a setting in the Windows registry via Microsoft’s regedit utility.

    Create a new DWORD registry type named:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Proxure\MCE Tunes\CurrentVersion\All\ExtenderCache

    Start with a value of 1058400 (i.e. 176400 * 6 = 1058400 (in decimal) which is equivalent 6 seconds of audio), and increment from there until you find a value that works for your particular Media Center setup. Note, mceTunes will read the value directly from the registry before playing a new song so you can easily change and test this setting dynamically while you are playing music.

    Note: if you don't want to edit your Windows registry directly then you can download this .reg file to automatically create the above registry key for you. By default it will create a delay of 12 seconds. Save the .reg file to your hard drive, then double-click the .reg file to import it directly into your registry.

    I just can't get the extender to play my iTunes tracks.

    As a last resort you can disable Vista's User Account Control (UAC). To understand what UAC does please read this. You can disable UAC as follows:

    Click Windows Start, in the Windows search box type msconfig and press enter, select the Tools tab, in the Tool Name listbox select Disable UAC, press the Launch button, finally reboot your PC.

    Thursday, December 31, 2009 8:40 PM