End-user recovery permissions update failed: DPM is unable to enumerate contents RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I'm not getting the follow warning completely:

    Affected area:
    Occurred since:	18/07/2013 09:45:35
    Description:	Failed to update permissions used for end-user recovery on Permissions update failed for the following reason: (ID 3123)
    	DPM is unable to enumerate contents in 104ab49f603e472f9eefa5d1758722e8 ,17d43e746b6e4785ad6739a9062e5b23 ,1fd2b7774ad6419c80eebf356a20d980 ,3a807c01c6ca4cbcb9ff7ca5d66e3d2f ,3d8cef0e682941b695fb8ecc7e2fd58d ,517d513438554948afef12f203c5e7c5 ,57398150d7d24e2cb6c8986da961c896 ,5872e613869c4dbfb4621c3231fbf365 ,5ebe23cda362430daefde4c1410ff19d ,5fca9d1179d04a91885909762fb06b39 ,6d46ea4324e946748651ce53660f304d ,7a104b4158f745848499a37c2f9096d9 ,88ff035815e34dbda08a535fa9f3a9ab ,9bd521ba4cec4151830bfa8af04aa92d ,9f0143b4f2a04018a43a80e47adea711 ,a9224346647644d083126c405310ca28 ,ac1ce15e207a4dd7810599a79386937f ,b1b89b0be33a4835b86251690136be7e ,c65df06c87584cc0ac3dee5d17e54a08 ,c7621b3381d54ae79eebc328c1a06756 ,d4f3c6290e664341b78e9c71e1e81022 ,dd8b1905f4a242f2816900ae2c2ac7f9 ,e11fab0c4a034547870232b52efdd447 ,e2088e2799f243789f3ce554a50917e6 ,e249945d11e24dbe8ba44808aac31929 ,ef12aafded6748bca4f03aac99fd44ed ,f417328589bc488ba6ffe7d74bdee0f9 ,SomeOtherServer.com_HOME$ ,SomeOtherServer.com_Hometest$ ,SomeOtherServer.com_Services ,SomeOtherServer.com_DeploymentShare$ ,SomeOtherServer.com_DIL ,SomeOtherServer.com_DRV_PACK ,SomeOtherServer.com_DSL ,mySCCMPSS.contoso.com_SCCM_BACKUP ,mySCCMPSS.contoso.com_SCCMContentLib$ ,sivsccmpss011.integration.just.fgov.be_SCCM_BACKUP ,mySCCMPSS.contoso.com_SMS_CPSD$ on the protected computer Recycle Bin, System Volume Information folder, non-NTFS volumes, DFS links, CDs, Quorum Disk (for cluster) and other removable media cannot be protected. (ID 38 Details: )

    So I get an error that it couldn't update EUR on my SCCM PSS for one or another reason, but as a reason it gives that it cannot enumerate the content on the PSS and on another unrelated (file server) plus a whole bunch of GUIDs.

    There is no impact from this warning, but I'd like someone to explain me what the link is between description and error...

    Thanks in advance!

    My grandmother always used to say: "::1: sweet ::1:"

    Tuesday, July 23, 2013 7:55 AM