Multiple Windows 7 Issues -- Taskbar Pinned Apps Disappearing, Automated Scrolling, Startup Sound, Display Switch RRS feed

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  • Hi, I have a Fujitsu Lifebook T900 Tablet. Just bought it and opened it within a week ago. Preloaded with Windows 7 Professional (64 bit). Since initial bootup I have had several issues, some of which are come-and-go, some of which are constant. I will try to be as specific as I can and list them all. Note: I have been searching for solutions to all of them for several days now and will be reinstalling Windows 7 if I cannot get a working answer quickly.

    1. Disappearing Taskbar Icons: Upon hovering over the taskbar, any pinned apps (and open window icons) disappear, while slightly darkening the opacity of the taskbar. This one seems to be a "come-and-go" issue, as it does not happen every time I boot Windows, but once it occurs once it does happen for the rest of the login.

    2. Constant and Automatic Scrolling: I have lately experienced an issue where the computer will automatically scroll down whenever there is a scrollbar or drop-down menu. Imagine constantly scrolling your mouse wheel down; that is the issue I'm having. If I try to move up (by either clicking, scrolling with the mouse wheel, or using the up arrow key) it just shoots back down. This is especially annoying with drop-down menus as it means I accidentally change settings when simply trying to investigate the issue. This issue seems to "come-and-go," and also happens differently for different applications. For example, I currently have Firefox 4.0b1 and IE8 open and the scroll bars work fine. However, opening an Explorer window or virtually any configuration dialog with a drop-down box makes the issue present itself. In Google Chrome, it is as if the Ctrl key is also being held down because the current page zooms out to its furthest setting (and it won't let me zoom back in).

    3. Multiple Display Problem: I like to use and external display to extend my desktop. When I first connect the external monitor, the initial setting is usually either to keep it off or to copy the desktop. I simply use the displayswitch application to choose "extend" and I'm good to go. Unfortunately, I've noticed that whenever I open a new application, the display will switch back to keeping the external monitor off. I am not sure if this happens when opening any application, but so far I have seen it with anything that requires the UAC to pop up. I have just noticed this for the first time today, so I am unsure as to whether this is a "come-and-go" or "constant" issue yet.

    4. Screen Orientation Switching: This one may be a hardware or configuration issue, but I'm not certain so it's worth posting here. When I turn my screen around and latch it down to use the notebook as a tablet, the screen orientation switches to portrait; fine, what's annoying, is that when I click the "rotate display" button located on the screen, the display will be shown rotated briefly (less than 2 seconds) and then switch back to the original portrait setting. If I rotate the screen multiple times, it does not switch back. This is a "constant" issue ever since the first boot.

    5. Pen Calibration Off: Again, might be a hardware issue, but I don't think it is since I have been able to fix it without messing with settings. Occasionally when I rotate the display to tablet mode, the pen's calibration will be off. When I move the pen to the right, the cursor might go up. Moving left might make it go down. It has happened with virtually every combination of erroneous directions, and will sometimes be fixed simply by moving the pen a lot or switching the display multiple times. Again, this is a "come-and-go" issue.

    6. Pen Eraser Does Not Work: Another possible hardware issue: the eraser tip of the tablet pen has not worked once since I opened the computer. The computer detects that it is present (as determined by the visible cursor when the eraser tip is near the screen), but the cursor does not switch to an eraser (or any other tip) in Windows Journal, nor does pressing the eraser tip on the screen perform any sort of clicking or drawing action. "Constant" issue.

    7. Login Sound Error: This is more of a minor issue, but upon logging into Windows, the little sound that plays when the desktop appears repeats itself near the end (I'm sure we're all familiar with the sound, it sounds like a tenth of a second clip being played over and over again). It only happens for a few seconds and is not all that bothersome, but it just has me worried that there is a deeper issue.

    That's all for now. Safe to say I am so far not very pleased with Windows 7. I hope someone can solve at least one of these problems, and if not I will be reinstalling Windows 7 and will let you all know what the outcome is.

    Thursday, July 29, 2010 1:20 AM