Windows 7 - Shuts down to black screen but lights remain on RRS feed

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  • So, this is one that I've hopefully found a solution for now but has caused me enough grief over the last few days that I thought I'd share.

    The scenario:

    We're currently deploying Windows 7 (sp1)through SCCM with bitlocker to a large number of newly purchased Dell E5510 laptops. On a number of these laptops we've experienced issues with shutting down, perhaps 60% of the time an affected laptop would go through the shutdown proces, the hard drive would spin down however we would still have the power, numlock and NIC lights active - the system had not shut down properly and required the 4 second button press to turn off. The symptoms were very much similar to those described in: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/975496

    The hotfix listed above has been incorporated into SP1 and so whilst the issues were accurately described the issues had not been resolved.

    The next step was to disable the TPM as a test, which fixed the issue but is obviously not a solution. I tried the HDD from a working laptop in the unit with issues. The issues occured even with the good HDD highlighting that the issue lay with the TPM chip itself.

    From here it was a process of elimination, I went through numerous BIOS revisions, versions: A04, A07 and A10 (most recent) caused the issue to re-appear. Applying revision A06 resolved the issue.

    There was lots of various testing and troubleshooting that went into the process before this point and as I've seen other people with similar issues struggling to resolve them I thought It'd be good to post this solution somewhere. I've raised this with Dell now who will hopefully investigate.

    Hope this proves useful to someone!

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