i lost my connection for the messenger ?? very dangerous problem!! RRS feed

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  • hii to all..


    i have windows live messenger 8.1 before 3 dayes i changed my

     personal  message (not the nick name ) i copy one of them

     codes :


    .8,4%,5,4`%4,5%,17,5`%5,17%,8,17 nickname 5,17`%17,5%,4,5`%5,4%,8,4`%0,0


    .15,15 14( 0)15 14( 0)15 2 nick name 15 14( 0)15 14( 0)0,0


    .4,17891112214 011 nick name 212119874.0,0


    .0,8|7,8|8,7|4,7|7,4|5,4|4,5|1,5|5,1| 9,1 nick name 5,1 |1,5|4,5|5,4|7,4|4,7|8,7|7,8|0,0

    .7,1>4>5> 15,14<1>15,14<1>15,14<1>4,1[9 nick name 4]15,14<1>15,14<1>15,14<1>7,1 <4<5<0,0

    .9,2(¯`·._(¯`·._(¯`·._(13,2 nick name 9,2 )_.·´¯)_.·´¯)_.·´¯)0,0



    i chose one of this codes and paste him to my personal

    massege in the messenger suddenly i lost my connection

    after one minute i try to sign in the messenger it sign in and

    lost automatic the connection , i try again more i have same

     problem lost the connection but ather emails its ok sign in

    normaly , i reinstalled the messenger software but i have

    same problem with my e mail , i download messenger 7.5 and

     sign in normaly and dont have the problem with my email but I

    wanted to be sure that code for the nick name is do the

    problem and i changed the personal message in messenger

     7.5 suddenly i have same problem i lost the connection but

     ather emails ok sign in normaly but my email is not sign

     normaly it sign in and lost the connection i try to sign from

     other pc i sign normaly but from my pc i cant to sing to

    messenger from my email ,,, this problem is very dangerous ,,

    "about this codes its give acolor to the nick names"

    who know what i can do ?




    Wednesday, May 9, 2007 12:51 AM