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  • Hi there,

    not sure if this is the right place. We have 3 types of printers here, all Xerox's. Workcentre 7120, ColorQube 8870DN and Phaser 8860MFP.

    The ColorQube's and Phasers use the Xerox Global Print Driver (Postscript version). This doesn't work on the Workcentre as it doesn't have a postscript module and we were advised by Xerox to use the native driver on the Workcentre. So it has it's own PCL6 driver.

    The printers are deployed through 2008 group policy to the computer (and users) and for XP thus also has the pushprinterconnection.exe. The pushing goes fine. The servers here were migrated.

    If I look on the old server (which uses an older version of the driver) as administrator I see a whole list of available paper types on the first page. If I look as user (that is on a workstation by somebody w/o local admin rights and/or to the properties of the printer on the server itself but not run through the oh-so-annoying UAC dialog) it lists only A3 and A4, which is correct. This server is english.

    If I do the same on the new server (also english) as admin it lists the entire list of of available papers too, look as a normal user and it will only list letter under paper available. In the printing preferences it will only allow me to select A3/A4 though as that's the only paper in the printer. Probably needless to say, printing fail hopelessly.

    If I make the user local admin on their computer printing is fine and it also lists all available papers. I called Xerox, but they have no clue why it works as regular user in the old environment, but not in the new environment.

    Anyone have any clues? I presume it will have to do with permissions in the registry, but not sure. It wasn't deployed this way in the old environment btw, they were connected with a kix script there.

    Small summary:

    Admin old environment: loads of available paper types (most of which aren't in there, but since the correct paper is listed as well, no issues)
    User old environment: A3 and A4, which is correct there's only A3 and A4 in the printer
    Admin new environment: loads of available paper types, same as the old environment
    User new environment: letter ... no clue where it gets that from. Tray/paper selection under preferences only lists A3 / A4 which is correct but doesn't match the available paper (letter) and printing thus fails with a not specified error (on the printer, it just says error and cancels the job, no error on the workstation whatsoever)



    Monday, July 4, 2011 9:05 AM