Assigning 2 custom wim files in single TS and deployment through device serial number ranges RRS feed

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  • Hi Team,

    Looking for some input is 2 image files can be assigned to one TS and be deployed though condition. In this scenario condition is actually serial number range. Device model & make will be same through out the organization but different image should be deployed to different groups based on device serial number. suppose device with serial number 0-100 should get image x and device with serial number above 100 should be deployed with image Y. I need some inputs for:

    - Is it possible to have 2 images attach to single TS?

    - if yes, what should be way to implement serial number logic in TS? Is it through cs.ini or through TS variable or else MDT DB?

    - Pls. share if anything other possibility ? 


    Monday, June 8, 2015 2:58 AM

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  • Hi,

    To my knowledge (I've tried it a couple times) MDT will not parse the second OS step you have in your task sequence selecting a different operating system image (if there's a condition on the step) it will always install the first operating system it runs int your task sequence.

    A more decent workaround is to have two task sequences each with it's own operating system image. This will also avoid issues with your unattend.xml.

    What you can easily do is replicate the task sequence by copying the ts.xml from .\DeploymentShare\Control\<TaskSequenceID_1> to <TaskSequenceID_2> folder and adjust the operating system image. This way your task sequences are easily replicated without having to point and click all over again.

    Then I'd incorporate the MDT database and add all machines as an entry into the database. I'f your handy with SQL you can mass edit some MDT database fields for machines to use a designated task sequence, or perhaps you can play with a substring of the hostname and select a task sequence based on a range of characters.

    Cheers! Rens

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