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  • Why is reopen last browser session greyed out? If it is disabled how do I enable?

    Cause a crash.  Apparently something must have happened when I last used the Catalyst Control Center's  Help.  However, I don't remember anything about that looking like a crash.  FWIW I never have any expectations of the feature which would match its (overly-generic, IMO) label.

    Otherwise I imagine a lot of wasted potential in

    %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery

    For example, navigate there in a cmd window and then enter this command pipeline:

    dir/a/s | find "2012-10-29" | sort



    So,  one thing you might try is figuring out how to exploit such information, perhaps as an exercise in PowerShell scripting?

    Hmm...  Good grief.   Does that directory ever get cleaned out?  FWIW I'm getting Notepad.exe saying File in use for anything that might be interesting and so far anything else looks like it might be encoded for privacy reasons.  (Nothing as simple or useful as a plain XML list, for example.)



    Monday, October 29, 2012 6:46 PM