App Readiness causing black screens


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    This appears to be an issue popping up with certain vendors; HP and Lenovo gets mentioned a lot.  In this case we just deployed a number of new Lenovo desktops and laptops at a site.  I configured them first in our offices and found no issues, but later I brought them to the site and joined their domain, at which point the "black screen at boot up" issues came to light.  

    I was assuming some manner of domain issue at first, because some user accounts would log right in and others would be stuck, but eventually found out about the App Readiness issue.  And indeed if I disable App Readiness while any user login is sitting at a black/blank screen and not letting Explorer load, stopping App Readiness lets it continue in normally.  (Though for whatever reason the Start menu wouldn't launch.)

    Disabling App Readiness completely takes care of it for any account that was affected.  And eventually the Start menu would work for them again, too.

    However, this workaround should not be a permanent fix.  Are there hotfixes available from Microsoft or Lenovo, or instructions on how to resolve whatever's going on?

    Additionally, what is App Readiness being disabled specifically going to mean for the users?  Does it disallow certain updates?  "What does it do" is built into my questions as well.


    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    The previous technician gave me a direct link to this part of the forum.  I have no idea if it's supposed to be associated with Windows Server 2012 setup at all.  If not, please move the question to wherever is deemed appropriate.

    The 2012 server has been in place for about four years at this point.  But this is the first time any Windows 10 machines were joined to it, which prior to identifying the App Readiness link was what I was thinking was the problem.

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